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Protecting, Promoting, and Strengthening the Pacific Halibut Industry Since 1961

About Us

HANA members produce high-quality halibut—fresh, frozen, value-added, standardized forms or custom processed—to markets around the world. HANA works closely with regulatory agencies and marketing organizations to:

  • keep the resource robust and abundant within a sustainable management scheme
  • provide relevant data to distributors, retail and foodservice buyers, consumers and media groups. This includes:
    • harvesting procedures
    • updated catch figures
    • processing practices
    • health and safety information
    • nutritive values
  • protect the practice of conservative management that requires cooperation among all users of the resource

HANA is active in the regulatory processes of the International Pacific Halibut Commission, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council. In 2001 HANA founded the Processors Advisory Group (PAG), one of two advisory councils to the IPHC.

HANA members are proud to be an integral part of one of the best-managed fisheries in the world. In 2006 the U.S. Pacific halibut fishery received the Marine Stewardship Council’s certificate of sustainability. This award acknowledges what has long been the industry’s credo—that the health of the resource must come first to fuel the economic growth that brings local, national, and international commerce.

William J. Kelliher Award for Excellence

In 1999, HANA established an award for excellence to honor exceptional contributions to the industry. The award was named for William J. Kelliher, a founding member of HANA and leader in calling for sustainable management of the fishery. HANA has awarded the William J. Kelliher Memorial Award for Excellence five times:

Recipients of William J. Kelliher Award for Excellence

Dr. Stephen Kaimmer, IPHC


Dr. Bruce Leaman, IPHC


Bob Alverson, FVOA


Jon Secord, IPHC Commissioner


Dr. William Clark, IPHC


Jorn Nordmann, S.M. Products


Ralph Hoard, Icicle Seafoods


William S. Gilbert, WA Fish & Oyster



Dr. Stephen Kaimmer of the IPHC was HANA’s first recipient of the William J. Kelliher Award for Excellence for his work researching the occurrence, causes, and effects of a condition known as “chalky” halibut. Rarely seen at the consumer level, chalky halibut flesh has a soft, chalky appearance rather than the firm, opaque look we’re used to. It is a condition that affects the texture and moisture content of the fish, but not the flavor or nutritive content. It is thought to be directly related to a build up of lactic acid just prior to capture. In live fish, the condition is reversible, requiring a few days of rest before harvest. Learn more about chalky halibut here.